Specialist woodwind repair service
Clarinets, Flutes & Saxophones

Woodwind instruments are intricately designed, and need to be treated with love and care in order to get the best out of them and to prolong their lifespan.The owner can do most of the basic day-to-day cleaning and maintenance, but when things go wrong it's time to call an expert in woodwind repairs.
As well as being a fully qualified teacher and player, Mike Adams has over 35 years experience in specialist saxophone, clarinet and flute repairs. Based in West Sussex, on the border of Surrey and Sussex, Mike has repaired and serviced  woodwind instruments for musicians across the U.K. and abroad, and is the first port of call for many schools and music shops which rely on his know-how when expert help is required.
                 Services available include ;
                 . Full overhauls and re-pads
                 .  Cork and spring replacement
                 .  Keywork balancing
                 .  General health checks
                 .  Small running repairs
 All repairs are undertaken by appointment only. If you wish to book an  
 appointment or ask any questions not answered on the website you can find all 
 contact details on the sidebar.        




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